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Vita Healthcare – Best Laser Clinic – Slimming Centre in Raipur (Chattisgarh)

Vita Healthcare, an Aesthetic and Cosmetic Laser Treatment Centre at Anupam Nagar, Raipur, Chattisgarh was inaugurated in March 2015 with procedures and service offerings into complete Skin Care, Hair Treatments, Cosmetic Laser, Slimming, Weight Loss Procedures and Modern Naturopathy / Yoga.

Vita Healthcare is an initiative by Dr. Nayan Raheja (B.N.Y.S., N.D.D.Y., Aesthetics with Specialization in Lasers) with over 5++ Years of Experience in Aesthetics, Latest Laser Procedures and Modern Naturopathy Techniques. Dr Nayan believes that for every Individual, his appearance and personality is a lifetime asset, and with Modern and State-of-art procedures and techniques, Vita Healthcare helps you maintain the healthy life, pleasing personality and wellbeing. With past experience of working with leading Aesthetic and Cosmetic Laser Centres including V.L.C.C, Kosh Wellness Clinic and Klinik Esthetika, Dr. Nayan with her venture into healthcare with Vita Healthcare, comes up with a promise to …

The Raj Planet – Real Estate Company in Lucknow / Kanpur

Real Estate sector in India is infamous for being Unregulated and Unorganized with no proper guidelines for builders to follow, because of which end customers and buyers suffer losses due to delays and project’s scrapping at times. In such a scenario there is a strong need of Self Motivated and Committed developers with Experience in this sector and Commitments to deliver the Projects on Time. Although Real Estate investments promises high returns and capital appreciation, credibility and experience of developer is equally important. The Raj Planet, under strong leadership and business insight of Mr. Rajeev Singh (Founder and CMD) with 12++ Years of experience in Real Estate and familiar with exposure to market’s ups and downs comes up with an Innovative and Strong Entry into the Real Estate Market with a Venture “The Raj Planet”. The core strategist and management team of the company is finely selected with Experience, Commitments and Self-Motivation as the driving force, which ensu…